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诛仙升级经验表上海袋式除尘配件有限公司"Consigliere? Han DE started a little and quickly bowed to salute."Some regrettable, so big battle, I wait for now, but teng not hand to come!" Shook his head, lv bu smiled.Juyan city, the palace.

"Roar ~" roar roar, the man struggled to open three scimitars, body slip, through skillful riding, hiding in the belly of the horse, followed by the scimitar hit the horse hard above.< / p > < p > these words, the original lu lingqi is not to go in, but after Chen palace some words, now listen to, is nodded, heart depressed, choked: "father rest assured, ling qi will not for his father."Besides, I've saved your life before, so I don't bite the hand that feeds you."诛仙升级经验表"Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 vision a light, from two people shoulder will square day draw halberd pick come down.

诛仙升级经验表Bamboo is alkaline saline seat, but later, the big fellow weak, in name only, the western regions and the proportion of han Chinese is too little, was in the king of bamboo, bamboo is established, although nominally to big fellow, is the big fellow territories, but in fact, with the big fellow renounce the court already has nearly hundred years, now Addis with lyu3 bu4 came running to her the identity of the western regions to protect.Chapter 59 distractionAt the same time, thousands of miles away in his tribe, the man finally woke up.

"Ha ~" pang tong sneered: "what general lu, but a brave husband, sooner or later will be destroyed."Man smell speech, surprised saw pang tong one eye, who is this goods after all? Look at this saying, it is not like the general house people will say, just doubt, suddenly sounded a shrill horn in the city, not like the daily heard the city guard's horn."You threaten me? It's not up to you!" King tu stood up and his eyes grew dark.First zero king see shape complexion a change, the king of the slaughter is really moved to kill, want to swallow the wealth of the people of the month, the moment pulled the Wolf qiang king, but here the slaughter of the king of the camp, shen voice way: "can't be you to pick first, this is our bottom line, it is no good, temporarily stop.诛仙升级经验表




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