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林妙可吸烟陪酒照|几何金融Zhou yu had already told lv meng about his plan. Lv meng was drowsy and immediately said what came to his mind."HSS ~" zhang ren, liu renrend, deng xian three people heard, can not help but gasp a cold air, as soldiers, they rarely involved in government affairs, but this matter, but also really over, not only the incident itself, but the wang family in shu not many loyal family to liu zhang, but finally ended up a sad, how not to make people What was the Lord thinking?There is no doubt about the importance of sichuan and shu. Sichuan and shu were an important part of zhuge liang's plan. After zhuge liang left, liu bei remembered why it was wrong.

"Men, let me kill you!" Zhou An pull out the sword, and yell 1, while the other has not yet completely the village before the door closed, and all killed in the chariot in jingzhou forces under 13 kill caught off guard, Zhou An according to zhou yu, sends out the sound of the one-sided sent in all directions, for a moment, as if all sides are the enemy, messed up the whole camp, Zhou An with five hundred soldiers, rampage, hukou garrison forces of the weak of this terrible, soon be found tuen LiangSuo Zhou An in."Speak up! Xunyou shook his head and looked at cao cao. "if there is no objection, this alliance will be formally established?"The weapons were not as good as lu bu's. However, cao cao did not agree with the idea that he could defeat cao cao's spirit with only ten thousand soldiers.林妙可吸烟陪酒照|"Ah, he is the governor's commander of thirty thousand armies." "Lv bu laughed.

林妙可吸烟陪酒照|"In the words of gongda!" Cao cao sighed."No wine in the army! Wei yan jujube's general face has begun to appear black, staring at pang tong's hand, but he remembered just that silk crystal is using this hand, a face determined: "but the Lord ordered us to seek shu zhong, we are here all day long idle and zhang ren confrontation, not to shame the Lord trust.

"Lyu3 bu4 also sent a person to send a gift?" Zhou yu was surprised to see lu xun, who was the envoy to congratulate jiang dong."No! Although the first time to see the appearance of the broken crossbow, but xia houyuan know not good.< / p > < p > "Lord, tiger prison to report, cao gaozao hung without battle CARDS, but in the camp began to reinforce the camp, general gao shun several attacks failed to break. Luoyang, the hussar riding hall, xu shu will be a war report to lv bu.林妙可吸烟陪酒照|




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