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同城交友haobc|台湾渔乐His martial arts may not as good as living star, but if of fierce, I'm afraid as good as any, cao cao's side, this kind of person, have a plenty of prisoners, the veteran has derived the rest of my life, no matter what fighting skill, but the rush of fierce crime is very heavy, qi xu chu, yue xi, after all, the top leading is really hard to find, therefore, cao cao settle for second best, looking for a lot of such figures as a pro, skill is not so much chu, the xi as big, but that of not afraid of death, when necessary, these people can not hesitate to take the body to help cao cao to block the arrow.A large number of soldiers in the western region surging out, in front of the liu bei battalion out of three distorted square, the rear is shot sound battalion soldiers sent out two square, strict law, just put out there, a surging xiao kill gas diffuse, and front of the three hu square formed a sharp contrast.Waiting for cao cao to get the news here, I'm afraid it will be tomorrow, although it is not a brilliant strategy, but it can always add a little bit of nausea to both sides, will also look away from the owner.

"Chen said," I respect you, you are also a hero, if you are willing to surrender, you can have a way of life, with the general's ability, in the future under my Lord, can not be outstanding!" A brief conversation between the two was soon interrupted by the shouts of lv meng.Deng xian nodded, turned his head to see the scouts a way: "put them back."< / p > < p > guan yu did not understand, lv bu how much charm, actually let these hu gan when cannon fodder, people can see, lv bu is to use these cannon fodder to consume jingzhou army's spirit, if the city or those shooting camp soldiers, guan yu himself have no confidence to attack the wall.同城交友haobc|"Uh ~"

同城交友haobc|Hit now, liu bei to say don't try your best, it is false, but compared to cao cao at people like that first forced to break off, liu bei this rhyme significantly slow the pace of more than one, was a broken wooden beast their thick long arrow pinned to the ground, viewed from above, as each by steel nail on the ground beetle."Yes, the general should know what would happen if he rushed in like that." "Said monda bitterly.< / p > < p > jiangdong, chaisang camp, a group of jiangdong soldiers are patrolling the river, although zhou yu is not, but chaisang camp under the auspices of lv meng, still in good order.

Lv meng turned his head slightly on the side, and the strong wind swept the other long hair with a cluster of arrows in the air. One of the young general behind him was shot through the throat by the other side.The boundless rain covered the line of sight, the dark clouds mingled with the wind, blowing the waves of the river, occasionally across the sky lightning, in an instant will be the light of heaven and earth.Bloody flavor diffuses to come at the moment, a group of aristocratic men look ugly looked at the head of their home so lying on the streets, Lord JianCu body at least put the seven or eight root, each strand is pierced the crucial, as if to drain the blood, then twist a head to look, lu zheng, the young now faced with such a face of polite bloody scenes, but no discomfort, still laughing with pang tong and other people here.同城交友haobc|




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