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quzhuzhe桔子电影|希森马铃薯Since more than a month, just because of fraud, bribery was investigated by the department of justice, quarrelling officials have three, was cut off the head is more than a dozen, not lu bu do not read the old feelings, but this time, will not allow a trace of error, chaotic times, when the use of heavy code! These people are moving the root of lu bu, which lu bu cannot tolerate."Alas ~" the general saw, can only shake his head sigh, turned away.There was a shout outside ShaSheng, majesty of military forces have clashed with outside forces, CAI and kuai lit, the more rapid out of the camp, though with majesty the point is, but it is at this point, majesty, also in protect yourself, now is a in the same boat, and thankfully, the roads are mostly mountain in this decades, go against cavalry galloping, otherwise, CAI really little confidence can under the pursuit of d, troops return to j.

"Well!" Beside cao cao, xu huang and xiahou dun promised to go with their horses.Shun adult, anti-fairy, this is not really go to stab the heaven, but against the fate god arranged for themselves and can successfully reverse the fate, according to this view, lv bu anti-fate, is indeed a fairy, but at the moment listen to the words of left ci, there is always a bit uncomfortable.Pang tong looking at a face of grateful to cao cao, secretly pie pie, he suddenly remembered that, door books in addition to out temporarily replace what officials, who is no good, lyu3 bu4 with white work seems to have come with the out of the experience, no matter where, by cao cao, thousand stone is a little high, but the lyu3 bu4 here, but to fight a year white workers, more shameful is also grateful for lyu3 bu4, from the heart of that kind of... Good things are lyu bu accounted for clean!quzhuzhe桔子电影|Gao shun turns head, saw zhaoyun one eye, shake his head to sigh a way: "wench, state-owned country law, the home has domestic rules, you this little idea don't make to me, right and wrong judgment, own Lord Lord to decide, I can't help you."We help you defeat the enemy." Lu lingqi hurriedly said.

quzhuzhe桔子电影|"Well!" The guards don't understand, but also did not ask, two pro guards directly forward, looking for some of the more easy to burn the tent together ignited, then the flames began to spread around."General mancheng ahead?" < / p > < p > far away, li zhao heard the cry, li dian face beaming, but dare not have a bit of slack up, vigilant look at ma chao, at the same time, li zhao, quickly to save me!The most ironic thing is that the farmers' tax, which is regarded as life and fundamental by the family, is almost a new leader here. Pang tong doesn't even want to say more.

Back!!!!"Brother meng DE, I admire lv bu's tolerance. If I had just been attacked by yuan shang, I would never have come to save him even if I had not killed him and given him a good look. Why bother? How about you and I join hands to destroy the yuan family and divide jizhou equally?" < / p > < p > lyu3 bu4 clap horse to march out, while lang lang high drink, silently calculate the distance between cao cao, but cao cao after the last war, more attention to their own safety, hiding in the army, there are more xi and other general protection, do not give lyu3 bu3 strike opportunity."Lord trust, cloud fixed mission!" Zhaoyun hold still want to speak of lv lingqi, to lv bu slightly a arch of hand, solemnly way.quzhuzhe桔子电影|




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