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杨烁否认聊天截图|嘉艺纹绣"Certainly not." Tracing the cause hesitated, look to the Zhou Yudao: "the chief ever wondered, liu2 bei4 wedding, but not to the lyu3 bu4 Posting, lyu3 bu4 angel can just arrived, explain this, liu bei's every move, are known to be lyu3 bu4, Jason I don't know how many I jiangdong lyu3 bu4 to install connects, but dare to assert that ehrsson Cao Liu alliance against lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 already know, I'm afraid.""Kill!""Ha ~" cao cao has not spoken, a group of cao generals have been Fried hair, gao shun this is clearly look down upon them.

"Pick up these shields for me! Xia houyuan took a look at the shield on the ground, the eye moves, the reason why gaishun dare to have no scruple to put the arrow, is because his soldiers have the shield shelter, the penetrating power of the bolt can not shoot through the shield.Guanzhong development over the years, zhou yu how may not know, whether wealth or front, inside information, today's lyu3 bu4 have enough with all the governors hard fight, he is not only on the surface of the behind WuZhou place, the Great Wall western conference semifinals, the lyu3 bu4 but, in a word, he will be able to mobilize thousands Hu Bing willingly came to help the war, the appeal of the terror, if sun fight cao, after a winner, and lu bu, I'm afraid in the end the sheepare be tidy up, so lyu3 bu4, must play first, and thoroughly destroyed his, then with cao cao showdown.Especially at this time, men will hoard of hay, particularly the que shut the war, the army of the gung-ho soldiers and this time, if the week yu can take in hukou, that liu bei that hundreds of army is out, and stay in JingXiang army of thousands, halved, too, of course, the premise is zhou yu to preempt the hukou, as for, there is no need, zhou yu will send liu bei a fire, will he read want to thoroughly to broken, and then, taking the advantage of the guanzhong military forces have no reaction to come over, JingXiang rapidly occupation, and then fold the JingXiang this, for no reason will have two hundred thousand troops, Zhou Yusan points in the program is half finished.杨烁否认聊天截图|'no! Liu zhang flatly refused: "I am the clan of han dynasty, how can I compromise with these unruly people? Try again. They are the source of cholera, of the land, of the law, and must be eradicated as soon as possible."

杨烁否认聊天截图|"The bow strikes back! Target, enemy back!""Zhong mou is afraid of me, and unlike bo fu, zhong mou's means are quite cruel and spicy, especially to his own people." Zhou yu sighed and said, "of course, I have been collecting firewood and mulberry for years. I made up my mind to take over jingxiang.When liu bei and guan yu, huang zhong, Shi Guangyuan and pro who arrived at the place of songshan cemented, and home, follow, ms liu has arrived, it is Shi Guangyuan suggestion, after all, liu bei is the leud cemented, the only one with governors have cemented governors, identity, than men at and follow, ms liu to a high, nature can't come with them.

"The emperor was a noble and respected man, and he was a descendant of the han family. He had experienced numerous wars all his life. Liu xun laughed."The shield. Sword and shield ready!"After the alliance, the princes returned to their tents, rested for one day, and began their formal expedition to luoyang tomorrow.杨烁否认聊天截图|




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