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金鲨银鲨技巧|丹道乌梢蛇佛手胶囊Massive army surged up again, launched an attack on qu'a, tardif, he qi two people although tried to resist, but qu'a city soldiers will be few, under the command of guan yu, soon many sections were jingzhou army breached, the whole qu'a city defense line became riddled with holes."Arrows!" And did not immediately put the arrow, but after the other party into two hundred steps range, just began to order, before the war with yan yan, also have some understanding of the rattan shield, two hundred steps away, the arrow cluster is difficult to shoot through the rattan shield, but within two hundred steps, then wait to be mowed."Damn it!" Li yan looked at a large number of jingzhou soldiers by the other side mowing grass harvesting, standing on the wall, but nothing to do, angry punch hit on the wall of women.

"Teng Hsien, you've got a team out of town!" Pang tong sink a track."Buzzing ~"金鲨银鲨技巧|The reputation of castration that is lyu3 bu4 to press on zhang fei's head, Zhang Fei used to like to add that Zhang Yide, a Yanren, was here or something, Later lyu3 bu4 direct misinterpretation, later is to make nightingale spread all over the world, also calculated to quote the goods to his nickname, these years, zhang fei long time no such self-reported, all this, said also have to owe to lyu3 bu4, but also zhang fei heart forever pain.

金鲨银鲨技巧|"Soak in tung oil? If it is attacked by fire, the army will not survive." Zhuge liang frowned, but immediately think of the drawbacks.Didn't go to meet, because wei yan once did that, is equal to leave behind yan yan troops, under the two sides of the attack, plus Teng Dun defense, it is easy to be rushed over their range, close combat, cause unnecessary damage, this is absolutely not advocated in the guanzhong army."Damn it!" Wei Yan grunted angrily: "Defense!"

Zhuge Liang smell speech, nodding silently, The west into shu, Ben had a quick idea, After all, Liu Bei is no bigger than Lyu3 bu4, And occupied chengdu, there is enough hay support, jingzhou side first united cao cao against luoyang failed, and then burned a lot, and then zhuge liang western expedition shu, also almost jingzhou can mobilize hay with, although there is jiangzhou supplement, but now, also can't support such a large-scale battle.Not don't want to, just when the manpower is poor, jingzhou war situation has been played to this point, he doesn't believe lyu3 bu4 will be indifferent, and pang tong even got shu, as long as strangle the main road, pang tong want to send troops from shu, into jingzhou, but also difficult."Your majesty, lyu3 bu4 once king, the son of heaven prestige, han majesty will no longer exist!" Kong Rong knelt on his knees and said in an astringent voice, "Your Majesty, please order your troops to crusade against Lu Bu and restore the majesty of the Han Dynasty."金鲨银鲨技巧|





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