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孙静雅1051p帮兴"Rightness, master, today a gentleman call the old person of master, want to see master, but master be absent, the slave maidservant dare not let him stay." "Said a girl.With the pale face of wang's son and nephew, meng da in a group of family members angry eyes, with the people walked away."The old general is the pillar of the state after your father was subdued. Unfortunately, by the way, I heard that your father had a close friend. "Zhuge liang sought to look at the ford.

River bank edge, a beacon tower above, several guard beacon tower jingzhou soldiers sit together chat chat fart, such a day, ghost will not come out, therefore, the heart of vigilance relaxed a lot."You don't want to see liu bei army battle ability how?" Sun jing took a look waltman, lyu3 bu4 army's combat effectiveness, but Cao Caojun combat effectiveness is sun jing to bring very great shock, although in before the battle, jun is almost by seibel pressure, but there is no denying the fact that jun whatever equipment or soldiers fighting capacity, higher than Jiang Dongjun, if in jiangdong military forces, before that, I'm afraid don't play the last fight was devastated, and jun although low morale, but has been playing at the end of the seibel idea, but not defeated, this is the gap.Thinking of zhou yu's words, lv meng felt very sad. He just waited by the river silently. Maybe when the fog lifted, the governor would return triumphantly.孙静雅1051p"Was there a war? Cao cao looked at xiahou dun and said quietly.

孙静雅1051pAs JingXiang stability, began to have a large number of talents into liu bei, placed under Liu Pan thoroughly loyalty to liu bei, in addition, there are general family, dejong, coach sealing the counties such as military commanders were under the various ge is bright lobby completely liu bei, and no longer the former soldiers major general of the state, and the counsellor, ma liang, an and demars JingXiang celebrities or watch Mr Kibaki's are official, liu liu bei's strength in a short time development, and the troops after xiangyang closed reduction army, will be around military forces into account, together with liu bei, the original two elite nanyang and jiangxia, liu bei's military forces has exceeded two hundred thousand.Zhang song long ugly, family is not how to force, all the time, have not been valued by liu zhang, and even feel that such a person in their side some eyesolor, but when zhang song really left, liu zhang some panic, because he suddenly found that there is no available people around.Even Lei stone, be thrown down, because it is more than a dozen people to support the wooden shell, the great strength of the didn't also the way to wooden beast destroyed at once.

"Certainly not." Tracing the cause hesitated, look to the Zhou Yudao: "the chief ever wondered, liu2 bei4 wedding, but not to the lyu3 bu4 Posting, lyu3 bu4 angel can just arrived, explain this, liu bei's every move, are known to be lyu3 bu4, Jason I don't know how many I jiangdong lyu3 bu4 to install connects, but dare to assert that ehrsson Cao Liu alliance against lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 already know, I'm afraid.""Friends? Fu's face flashed a blank look: "from where did the adviser hear?"Of course, this is only a signal, in fact, liu bei also knows this, has been trying to maintain the relationship with the family, but it is only a signal, but also the source of endless hidden trouble.孙静雅1051p




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