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王源向韩红取经|马戏团干扰器视频Marotta's words are very euphemistic, but the meaning is also very straightforward, lyu3 bu4, even if there is the identity of the royal family, but because before the reputation is poor, and the central plains family pattern has been formed, it is impossible to appear the phenomenon of families to cast, lyu3 bu4 worry, some alarmist."How can you tell before you've tried?" Mr. Li is marotta, see d don't believe, smiled and said: "general dare to bet with me?"If stay in lyu3 bu4 side, get just jealousy, it is better to accept zhong yao, although wei yan is clear, this matter with zhong yao, but how about that, the same is lyu3 bu4 know unknown fate, but changan then sent the command, let wei yan completely eliminated the idea.

"Get up, after the general will give you a decent identity, understand? If there is any requirement, just say, as long as it is not too much, the general will agree to you." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the look of the recovery of the cool woman, wearing a loose robe stood up and appreciated the woman's moving posture."Gongtai, I know what you mean, the moment we want to give priority to stability, as long as the million people can settle down, over time, will be able to train an army, then Korea hence, marten will not be afraid, can be right?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Chen gong, seriously.Chaos, lyu3 bu4 led more than two thousand elite soldiers in the huns to kill a circle, the huns formation after the chaos, then quickly out of the battlefield, in the huns ten zhangs away from the regroupment.王源向韩红取经|Lyu3 bu4 waved and laughed, "Our army today, all thanks to your strength, seibel!"

王源向韩红取经|"Lu Xiong saw the god day general!" The general is a qiang warrior, although Korea hence subordinates, but the horse father and son in qiang people prestige is quite high, especially d, when he was young with knife to kill, when he was a teenager has vertical and horizontal battlefield, to now, in the qiang people's prestige, hidden has covered his father marten potential.Han De bosom of a flames, lang track: "master don't want to despise at the end of the general, death is dead, why fear?"Wei yan eyes flashed, however, these scouts, are lyu3 bu4 side of the elite selected, each can be one to ten, now in face-to-face situation, was a knife lean, wei yan asked himself can also do, but can do this, in lyu3 bu4 army is not much.

Korea hence frowned, the heavy rain is really time, but it is also good, although give d gasp, but also have enough time, let him calmly deploy, this time, d interposed!"Here." Freeze smell speech nodded.王源向韩红取经|




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