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沈志明|曼秀雷敦批发Ye county is far in sight, but the heart of ford is not the slightest joy.Compared the zhangs' is not established in the shu, huanghe river can become a family of one hundred, the precipitation in the shu dynasty is much thicker than the central plains, central plains, after all, although busy, but is close to the emperor, the so-called accompany such as with the tiger, although easier to riches and honour, but also easy to property out, and different in shu, mountain is high and the emperor is far away, in this case, hundreds of years, have a family, and even some old family existed from the pre-qin period, and even earlier, like the zhangs' family in one hundred, if in the central plains, is already a big family, I'm afraid, but in the shu, status is awkward."Go and call the nightingale! Playing with the ribbon in his hand, lv bu raised his eyelids, facing the empty hall road.

"That river east... "Liu bei frowning way, to jiang dong, he is not at ease.Out of the city is more than a dozen people, at the moment is a group of women in a twinkling of an eye to chainattacker killed seven or eight, and then in the separate astonished eyes, this group of women not only didn't, but the fierce rushed up to, someone want to resist, but see this group of women a counterspells the wrist and hand more than I do not know when a dagger, quickly cut off each other's throat, and then quickly back off.Everyone heard the speech, the heart can not help but breathe a sigh of relief, if each of lv bu's horses and soldiers are so tough, then this battle also need not fight.沈志明|"It is true that the secret decree originally gave wang Yin to liu jingsheng, but liu jingsheng was already dead at that time. The duke was also a relative of the han family, so it was reasonable to give it to the duke." Ma liang puzzled to look at zhuge liang, he felt zhuge liang some too careful.

沈志明|< / p > < p > every time looking at the hall silent, not a word or support the family decision of zhang song, liu zhang is some inexplicable oppression, especially zhang song this period of time, obviously in the family over the status has improved a lot."Lei stone, ourselves, I moved up!" A change of life to inform pang DE and lu bu, at the same time has been prepared for a variety of defensive city equipment in a steady stream of the city was sent to the wall above the battlements."What is this? Cao cao looked at the huge shield with some surprise, which was enough to cover a person completely.

"Build another tiger prison with this camp!" Xun you shen voice way."Be careful! Shield hand shield!""Well, the battle on cao cao's side has begun, and liu bei's side is expected to arrive soon. Lyu3 bu4 with the wave, it's a question of awareness, in fact this two years, especially in the last year, zhang liao, zhaoyun, d three together in less than half time hurt me, cut Zang bully, fall after the forbidden land of spent all of jizhou, this complacency emotions is not only in the military, even folk also started to slack off, sometimes, the progress of human science and technology culture, tend to be brought about by the pressure.沈志明|





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