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啊好深好痛肉污文|无线免费上网设备"Well!" Although the deputy don't know why yuan shao so fire, but also before yuan shao's battle to frighten a cold sweat, smell of speech hurriedly promised a sound, leave.< / p > < p > it is said that the cursing is not jiesang, xu you early years had secretly contacted scholars, to figure out the abolition of the establishment of things, then things lost, exile for many years, until the former good friend yuan shaozhan jizhou, dare to come back to a new official, at the moment by tian feng old mention, was suddenly not light gas.

"You mean to say that the huns actually set up a bureau to weaken the huns in the first place?" Qiang youth at the moment has been completely meng, looking at the army han, incredible way: "how is this possible?"The old man wanted to give up the cattle and sheep at this time, but it was too late, the mighty, as if the endless iron ride, the old herdsman in front of this battle, more than a drop in the ocean.< / p > < p > qin hu speed and xiongnu discord, liu bao did not expect, but first zero, must not let lv bu got, at this time liu bao just see clearly, this lv bu to hetao, is clearly to deal with his huns, his tolerance, but missed the best opportunity to drive lu bu out of hetao.啊好深好痛肉污文|No matter who wins or loses, lu bu must take the land of the two states and order wei yan to leave the town of heluo. Only in this way can he blockade the checkpoints with a small number of troops.

啊好深好痛肉污文|General door tiger female, lv lingqi recognizes this white horse naturally is the good foal that sees rarely, see happy under, take a person to catch up with, want to catch up this rare BMW, although her catching fire is good also, it is lv bute chooses, not as bad as white dragon, but as a military officer, who can doubt too much a BMW?This kind of time, must be weak, let yuan shao feel oneself insignificant, of course, also cannot be weak oneself imposing manner, let yuan shao think oneself with can be destroyed, perhaps be on the spur of the moment, send a person to come over directly that gain is not worth losing.

Two soldiers held the OARS, with the vast sea back to the other side, zhang he looked at han meng's head, a long time speechless.Jun han touched his head and said with a smile, "brother, do you know which general of han sui is?"Lv bu turned his horse's head and chopped the halter into the void. "now, tell them with our weapons and the enemy's blood. Even if god forgives them, we don't have it.啊好深好痛肉污文|




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